21st century learning

In last decades, enourmous changes happened in life so that comparing 21st  century learning with another is diffucult. Among these changes, education is known one of the common changes that includes learning and teaching which rapidly have improved with the help of technology. Technology requires a next generation of students and workers to improve new skills, which are critical thinking, collaboration , communication and creativity. So, students should not gain only the basic needs also they should be taught how to think critically and improve their creativity in order to solve complex problems. With the help of technology, teachers are able to cover what kind of people society is looking for. Moreover, technology supplies many opportunities to teachers, as well as students like self-learning. By connecting to internet, teachers can give assignments to students and are able to control their assignments and help them when they need it. The most important thing is that students can share their opinions with their teacher independently. It is a big opportunity for shy students also they are able to exchange their opinions with their friends. In fact, we cannot even think our life without technology anymore, it is one of our essentials in life. In general, 21st century learning is to take all people into consideration.

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