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Hi everyone!

Today I am going to tell about RSS feed.

With the development of the technology and internet, there are huge numbers of new information and contents that are published in single day. People collect updated information from their favourite websites and blogs by using RSS feed. RSS stands for ‘’Really Simple Syndication’’ and it contains texts files with updated information such as articles, news pieces. Also there is interface which is called ‘’Feed reader’’. It helps text files to be converted into a stream of latest updates from the web. There are many applications, some of them work depending on internet connection whereas other work without it. By using RSS, you can access to content and information easily. You can say that we can subscribe to blogs or websites and we will get notifications from such, but some notifications may be directed into your spam section so that you cannot be aware of new information. In such situations, RSS will inhibit this problem. There are some blogs I follow about Education and English teaching, see below for references.

All of them include precious information, ideas and solutions. They benefit me in order to overcome common issues and problems that concern teaching techniques. They differ from each other in some ways, this means that each of them present different opinions and ideas. My favourite blog is Teaching and Teacher Education that includes precious information. I recomend you it too.

Thanks for being here and reading my post.

See you soon…

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