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Good Evening Everyone!

 Below I will be written short explanation about my podcast.

I was required to create a podcast. To begin with, I have never created a podcast till today, but I had some ideas about the podcasting. Creating a podcast, it was my assignment, first it made me feel nervous little. Because I had been searching answers for how it should do and what kind of processes I need to follow. Eventually, I have made my own podcast. The podcast concerns with our nature and destruction of it. It includes my own ideas and my point of views. At the end, I found a podcasting enjoyable, even though it was challenging a bit during recording my voice. However, it is very useful especially in a language teaching and gives a big chance to teachers who look for ways to improve their students’ listening skills. The students exploit the podcast whenever they want. I recommend it to you since it is very useful in crowded clasrooms. Whatever conditions are, you will keep lecturing.

I hope that you like it and I am looking forward to seeing your point of views by leaving comments about destruction of nature.

Below is my podcast, make it play. See you in the next post…

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