Learn and discover more by working collaboratively.

Good evening Everyone!

Today I am going to explain about my group project. In every step of education, working on a project with group is engaged in order to improve students’ critical thinking and make opportunities to learn something in the effective way.

So my assignment was to work on one of some subjects with my classmates, which can be preferred freely. We have decided to choose working on Cyberbullying. To do the assignment, we have been offered Padlet where ideas, opinions and perspectives can be shared individually at the same time, even though it may involve group works. Moreover, the purpose of the assignment is to answer questions, which are what we know, what we want to know and what we learned. Such sections are also called the KWL chart. In the Padlet, you are able to make the content more attractive by decorating with images, videos, even your own drawings can be made and other things you can imagine.

Now I want to mention about our group, which constitutes of three people and the topic. The padlet page Çağla Yılmaz has created and so I and Irem could edit and add what we need to do. The topic we have selected, it involves the most common problem, which you can encounter everywhere. According to evidence, a million of teenagers and adults’s life can turn upside down because of Cyberbullying, Below, you can check and visit our padlet page.

Made with Padlet
to visit the website click here

Thanks for reading and being here, I hope to see you in the next post.

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