Adopt or feed

Hello there!

Have you ever considered what kind of condition street animals live in?

Today, I would like to tell you about stray animals. In the modern world there are a lot of issues. I think that one of the issues is abonded animals. They look forward to being adopted or feeded.

I thank our educational technology lecturer who has given me an opportunity to share the issue and inform people about such problems. Actually, we have been given such different homework, which is called Digital storytelling. The digital storytelling has involved three different options, which are

1. Creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

2. Creating a How-to Story

3. Creating a fictional story

Above I have mentioned are all groupworks. So I have joined into a group, which involves two people. First, they have agreed with me but when two days are left for delivering the homework, they have told me that they are going to do it as two. Because of this situation, I have needed to complete the assignment myself. I chose creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA), which was one of the options. My purpose for creating this video is to provide awareness about the street pets. My film is below.

Don’t forget that adopting or feeding the stray animals is one of our duties.

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