Magazine Cover Project

Hi Followers!

My purpose to write this post is to share what I have learnt recently. Last week, we had discovered some applications with our lecturer’s recommendation, which were Canva, Postermywall and Easel. The applications are used to create a graphic design and also they are called Internet -based applications. I couldn’t imagine that creating a magazine cover was easy like this. The applications do not require that you need specific knowledge about creating a graphic design compared to Photoshop and Adobe reader. However, they work depending on the internet connection. My homework was to design a magazine cover for a fictitious theme magazine. I used Canva that provides a million of suitable layouts. After all stuffs I have mentioned, you consider my topic and my design. My topic is related to Sport which is Martial arts. I took the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) as my main point to create my magazine cover. The best UFC fighters’ names took part in my context. My magazine cover is below, scroll down to look at it.

click here for full screen

The important part of my assignment is to follow rules : Logo, date of the issue, 3-7 titles/topics of articles inside this particular issue and at least one picture should be included in the context.

Thanks for your time and following me.

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