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Time is running so fast. We are coming to the end of this semester. In such a short period, I gained valuable information, which improved my English language skills and my personal development. The reason I write this post to reflect and comment on Educational Technology course.

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Before I took this course, I thought that in Educational Technology course we will continue learning more common applications such as MS Word, Excel and variants of Power point, which we covered last year. Because of this reason I couldn’t expect extraordinary things but what kind of teachers we would like to see and what skills the teachers should have in the society I knew. Furthermore, with the help of this course I created my personal blog and learned many applications by which I can create an effective learning environment.

Educational Technology course allowed me to be aware of affordances of technology. I realized my knowledge about technology was not enough to a better teacher. Also this course illustrated me the importance of technology. While taking this course, I learned how to use tools and educational applications to create effective learning. In the learning process, I had difficulties to complete assignments as I did not have any idea about the applications. However, I did put a lot of effort into this course so that I overcame from the difficulties. What I learned in this course, they will never disappear.

I realized that the existence of technology in education is one of main keys for the teachers. I do not have any specific application to suggest so that my comment is following new technology developments.

I liked that the course gave me such opportunities to work on a task as a group, share what I know and learn what I don’t know. Having information from different people contributed my personal development.

Finally, I thank my Education Technology teacher who taught us such impressive educational applications. I am really pleased what I learned from this course.  

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